Google Understands That Duplicate Content Is A Natural Part Of The Web And Aims To Index The Highest Quality And Most Relevant Page So That Searchers Aren’t Repeatedly Presented With The Same Content In The Search Results.

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10 Facts You Think You Know About SEO That Are Actually Myths

10 Facts You Think You Know About SEO That Are Actually Myths SEO is renowned for misinformation , misunderstandings , and misconceptions . This is in no small part due to Google being somewhat of a black box in order to try and limit gaming of SERPs. However, in recent times, Google has taken noticeable steps to become more transparent through increased activity in the SEO community. Whether it’s regular Webmaster Hangouts , speaking engagements at conferences , or insightful metaphors on Twitter , the likes of John Mueller, Gary Illyes, and Danny Sullivan at Google are helping to dispel the myths of SEO with facts. To further banish these myths, I’ve put together a list of 10 common misunderstandings about Google and SEO and why they’re wrong. Myth 1: Google Penalizes Duplicate Content The duplicate content penalty doesn’t exist. Google doesn’t penalize sites for having duplicate content. Google understands that duplicate content is a natural part of the web and aims to index the highest quality and most relevant page so that searchers aren’t repeatedly presented with the same content in the search results. Unless a site is trying to manipulate rankings and is entirely made up of duplicate content , the worst case scenario resulting from duplicate content is that similar pages are folded together in the index and an alternative version of the page is shown instead. SEO professionals can provide search engines with a number of signals as to which page they want indexed, including correct use of canonicals , sitemap inclusion , and internal links pointing to the preferred page. Myth 2: Google Respects the Canonical URL as the Preferred Version for Indexing Just because you set a URL as the preferred version for indexing via a canonical tag, it doesn’t mean that this page is the one that Google will select for indexing. The rel canonical is treated as a signal by Google for the preferred page and isn’t always respected.

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