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Ask the #SMXperts series  B2B SEM: Meeting challenges with smart tactics

You will be able to see if someone has come through on Linkedin without a conversion but later on come through Facebook and converted. Additionally, another thing we often do when testing out new channels is that in our remarketing efforts , we will typically create a separate remarketing adgroup/ad set targeting only audiences that have come from that channel. So, in this example, if we are testing out Linkedin, we would tag it with  Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) parameters and have Facebook remarket specifically to that. (UTM = the tracking parameters that allow you to pass data to Google Analytics). This way, although at the first touch they may not have converted, we can truly understand if our LinkedIn efforts are filling the funnel and equating to conversions via remarketing efforts on other channels. Question: Given the long sales cycle and not so much search volume, how do you run A/B split testing in B2B SEM? Sana: Typically, you want to find earlier touch points within the funnel which indicate high intent and base your results off of that information, rather than waiting six months down the line. So, for example, rather than using the most shallow “lead” or “demo” conversion point, take it one step further and leverage more qualified conversion touch points such as marketing qualified leads (MQLs), which you can get data for without waiting as long to identify winners of tests. Question: Let’s talk six-month-plus sales cycles. You don’t want to jam forms down their throat from the beginning, but simply spending money on awareness (via ungated content) doesn’t always look good in the eyes of execs. Thoughts or ideas on this? Sana: Typically, after developing the right awareness strategy, the best way to get buy-in is to propose a sandbox test and budget, along with how you will quantify the efforts of your awareness program. This way you can assess the monetary value that your awareness efforts are bringing in (given that is always the end goal). By limiting budgets to show performance results before scaling further, this makes it easier for execs to give you their initial buy-in.

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